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sweet&gothic lolitas welcomed

hi evryone im posting on my own journal for all the good lolitas that have been bashed in certain communities you know which community they are!! this site is dedicated to good dollies . here you can post your pictures of your new lolita dresses that you have gotten or you can advertise to sell them. its your choice all in one, post your cute pics or sell your items . my rules are simple no insulting members for silly grammar mistakes or starting issues of any kind. just be friendly to each other post gothic or lolita stated items , artwork anime or lolita pertainng to this subject is accepted. also post your vintage babydoll dresses for sale, cute jewelry custom made?? also i allow anime toys and dolls to be posted . as long as the picture doesnt over exceed the posting limits they are fine , please always consider other people that want to post dont hog the space ''lol''. remember im not god and i dont judge. below is an ebay item up on bid check the lot out!!! if you see it.

Tags: sweet sweet alice!!
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