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MY public SELLING JOURNAL for all lolitas


My journal is a posting site for all sweet & gothic lolitas even hime lolitas can post whatever you have for sale. Things to be posted are (pictures of yourself in your daily lolita wear or gothic attire) or issues of stuff that has happened on the day . Things to be sold cosplay costumes, anime things ( books, mangas , toys and ect.) Lolita dresses garments, ops, jsks, blouses, cutsews and skirts. gothic apparel welcomed anything mana, even handmade things like clothes or diy ( do it yourself themed apperal is good too.) Please join and tell the rest of the lolitas to come sell on my post, evryone is a friend here . the owners of items that are to be sold have the right to sell at whatever price they feel the item is worth . Tradeing is accepted also even haggleing (best offers). If you think an item may be too expensive, haggle your way to a resonable offer that seller and buyer can agree on. Posting under a cut is up to you just make sure your pictures can be seen, don't make the same mistakes i do i am still trying to post my pictures lol.
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